About us

Welcome to LED-Shop.com,

my name is Volker Schulz, owner and founder of LED-Shop.com.

I am working for years with technic and LEDs (light emitting diodes), but I am also interessted in film, art and design. You may think, this is a contrariety, but for my job it is important to understand light and ambience and bring it all together.
Im our new shop in shop section „Hasenschlapp“ you will find high quality toys and cool gadgets!

Here some of our projects, please click on it:

Kristall Kur- and Gradier-Therme in Bad Wilsnack

Light installation for S-Oliver in Freiburg

RGB Globes in restaurant at the Marriott-Hotels in Frankfurt am Main.

Cocoon Club
LED-Matrix for cult-club discotheque Cocoon-Club, Frankfurt am Main.

Staircase Light
Customer projekt with RGB LEDs.

Pictures and text by: Volker Schulz