Rope Light With Economic LED Technology

Rope Lights with power plugs for home, garden or business can be found here "Bestseller".
Rope Lights for special applications such as vehicle, boat or camping can be found in the following categories.

Select Category According to Purpose of Use

LED-Ropelight Bestseller

High-End LED-Ropelight for private or commercial use Simply select the desired...

LED-Ropelight QuickFix 36V

Harmless low voltage for more safety. Corresponds to protective low voltage (SELV), protection class...

Ropelight 24 Volt

LED Ropelight with 24 V DC, for example for use in Trucks

LED-Lichtschlauch 12 Volt 13mm

LED-Lichtschlauch für KFZ, Wohnwagen, Schwimmbad, Bad, Solaranlagen, Garten usw Fachwissen:...

Ropelight 12 Volt

for Car, Bathroom, Garden, Camping, etc.

LED Flextube

Flexible ropelight in neonlight-design

Ropelight accessory

Befestigungsschienen, Clipse, Kabel, Abzweige, Verbindungen und Einspeiser für LED-Lichtschlauch....

MK Kataloge

Professionelle Lichterketten & hochwertige Dekorationen in einem durchdachtem Baukasten-System von MK....

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