LED-Birne E27
LED-Birne E14

High-quality LED-Bulbs starting from 2,35 €

Save money and energy with modern LED bulbs!

High-quality LED bulbs with long service life, high colour rendering and flicker-free light!
Create a cozy ambience and at home with our quality bulbs!

Please choose suitable base or pedestal:


E27 LED bulbs from 2,65 € Large screw socket 27mm, 230V~ High-quality LED bulbs for decorating or as...


E14 LED bulbs from 2,35 € Small screw base14mm, 230V~ High-quality LED bulbs, fit easily into all...


GU10 LED bulbs from 3,90 € Bajonett-screw base 230V~   Fachwissen: LED-Leuchtmittel

GU5,3 & MR16

50mm reflector, 12 Volt Socket (Pin).

GU4 MR11

35mm reflekctor, 12 V   Fachwissen: LED-Leuchtmittel


Socket 12 Volt, contact pins directly on the bulb.   Fachwissen: LED-Leuchtmittel


Plug-in socket (pins) 230V   Fachwissen: LED-Leuchtmittel

Tube T8

Tube 26mm Ø

Tube T5

Tube16mm Ø


Leuchtmittel Stab, ersetzt Halogenstab

E10 Edison Bulb

Mini Screw Base 10mm Light Chains, Christmas Decoration, Bicycle, or Model Building.

LED Bulbs for model making

Schraub- oder Stecksockel E5,5 / MS4 / BA5S Diese LED Leuchtmittel ersetzen...

Bulb Socket

Screw and plug socket as well as finished socket luminaires Sockets, sockets, individually or...

LED panel modules

Backlight large areas very flat with LED homogeneous

LED moduls

Convert existing lights or spotlights to LED, illuminate furniture with LED and much more.!

LED for luminous advertising letters

Waterproof modules for backlighting of outdoor advertising, for use in illuminated letters, illuminated...

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