Professional Installation of LED Strips

LED tracks protect and cool LED strips. They also bring the coziest ambience into your living space!
Aluminum rails and tracks provide the perfect illumination for your LED lighting!

Please Select Desired Design:

LED U-Profiles

Approximately, 100 U-channel in different sizes and colors. LED profiles embellish and protect your LEDs!...

Mounting profile

Seamless installation of LEDs in tiles, drywall and wet renders. Mounting rails for seamless installation...

Corner tracks

Optimal and clean installation of LED strips in room corners. We offer various covers with different...

Profile for stairs and floor

Illuminate stairs properly: Next to a lighted stair the profile serves a tidy finish. The aluminum profile...

Wall profile

LED-Streifen in oder auf der Wand verbauen Wahlweise 1, 2 oder 3 Abstrahlrichtungen, Wand-Aufbau...

S-Line Gallery

Bilderschiene mit LED-Beleuchtung

LED plastering tracks

Einputzbare Voutenbeleuchtung für Ihren Wohnraum Die Leisten aus Purotouch-Kunststoff werden im...

Glass edge profile

Useful for lighting glass bases or showcases. Tags: glass shelf, glass shelves, edge lighting, LED, LEDs,...


LED aluminum rail and cover segments, for testing at home.

Customizing special lengths

Ihre Aluprofile für LEDs millimetergenau zugeschnitten

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